Building a Story Trailer

Watch this quick movie on two churches building
a story in and through their ministry space.

What's Your Story?

Your building is more than a backdrop. More than a
stationary setting. It's a main character, helping to
narrate your church's story.

Indiana Landmarks Center

This year's conference will take place at a beautifully restored
and repurposed turn-of-the-century church in Indianapolis.

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Building Your Story

Your church tells a story. What people see, hear, and feel in your church creates the narrative of their experience. Does your building draw people in to discover Jesus and grow deeper in a relationship with Him and others? Do they see the part they play in your church’s story? At this year’s Alignment Conference, you’ll learn how to uncover and build your church’s story.

Why Alignment Matters


Explore how culture affects the stories we tell


Learn how to empower and equip your leaders in pursuit of the right space


Examine the relevancy and authenticity of your outreach efforts


Discover the story your space may be telling

Building a Story Trailer

Join us October 22, 2015 at Indiana Landmarks Center

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