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2016 Alignment Conference: Multisites + More

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The Multisite Movement at a Crossroads

In this guest blog, Jim Tomberlin—founder MultiSite Solutions—explores how the Multisite Movement grew from a radical idea to a crusade of more than five million people attending churches across North America.

More Than Multisite CKN/Barna Group Research

► Based on 31 In-Depth Interviews
► Surveys of 222 Church Leaders
► Including Active Multisite + Planting Churches From Around the Country

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M U L T I S I T E S   A N D   M O R E

Nearly three decades old, the multisite church model has proven it’s not a passing fad. But it’s changed a lot in that time, and its next phase will look nothing like its first. Today’s multisite church includes hybrid variations of the traditional one-church-in-multiple-locations model, often incorporating church planting as part of a comprehensive growth strategy. These new approaches call for new skill sets and structures to support rapid growth and change. But where do you go for answers to the hard questions that surface in the midst of church expansion. And how do you think strategically about multisite and church planting so that real multiplication can occur?

The 2016 ALIGNMENT CONFERENCE brought together trusted experts and leading practitioners for a one-day, deep-dive into today’s methods and models for launching new congregations.

We offered a host of breakouts on:

Branding and communications

Leadership issues for multisite and multiplying churches

Financing and fundraising for multiple facilities

Designing multisite spaces to match your church’s DNA and ministries

Leveraging strengths of Millennials in multisites

Technology for multisites

Systems and operations to facilitate strategic growth

And more!





Explore the ways in which culture—and especially trends among Millennials—affect the multisite movement


Learn the skills needed to oversee and operate multiple locations and raise up the right kind of leaders for strategic growth


Identify which key ministries must be replicated at your multisite locations to create synergy and consistency between campuses


Discover how to create space for ministry impact within each location’s context, plus how to fund multiple building projects


The 2016 ALIGNMENT CONFERENCE brought together senior pastors and executive pastors who are currently leading multisite or multiplying churches, as well as elders and ministry leaders of churches exploring potential growth strategies.

Church leaders were able to wrestle with the big questions about multiplying ministry impact.

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How do we avoid competition for resources and attention between our campuses?

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Will going multisite help us reach more people for Christ, or simply multiply our problems?

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Am I the right kind of senior pastor to oversee multiple locations and cultivate campus pastors?

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What systems and processes will we need to develop to launch and operate multiple locations?

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What can I learn from other pastors and leaders who are multiplying effectively?

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How do we find new facilities and the necessary funding to launch multiple sites?

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How can we create a pipeline of new leaders in order to multiply effectively?

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Do multisite churches feel too much like a franchise, especially to Millennials?

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What if I don’t want to multiply? Are there still valuable lessons from this movement that I can apply to my one church in one location?

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Will we be spreading our staff and resources too thin if we try to multiply?

October 18, 2016 at Community Christian Church, Naperville, IL